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Blogapalooza 2015

October 25, 2015 – What is Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers wanting to feature and connect with Businesses

Blogapalooza started in 2011 with an annual Blogapalooza event that run for a day. It was an invite only event that only Bloggers and Businesses can attend. The rule was simple, Businesses present their products / services and build relationships with the Bloggers, while Bloggers get to see what’s new and network with Businesses to make deals happen.

To be honest, I don’t know that this kind of event where bloggers and businesses meet exists. I just found it out lately when Mam Kristalyn told me about it. So anyway, here’s what happened on my very first Blogapalooza Experience!

Well at first, I was really contemplating whether to go or not but since I’ve read so many positive comments and blog posts about the past blogapalooza event so why not give it a try, right? I was thankful my boyfriend was with me or else I wouldn’t have gone there in the first place.

DSC06995The misfit matcha junkie posing at the Blogapalooza entrance. I’m such an awkward girl.


Fruit Tea long queue (photobooth/on the spot caricature). Sad that I wasn’t able to try visit this booth.

DSC06997Trying to win the prizes by doing the challenges. At first, I was too shy to go visit the booths but Asis gave me a little push so yea. I really need to work on my self-confidence though.


DSC06996It was really great how they did their make up! Really scary. Two thumbs up! Will definitely try Outbreak Manila soon.



THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY! Photos with the band Kamikazee. ♡ Look at my huge smiles! Was also feeling too awkward during this time since a lot of people (in queues) were watching. Thanks JB Music for making this happen.



These are the only decent shots Asis took during the event. So, that’s pretty much about it. Good thing we arrived at the venue around 2ish pm where there were only few bloggers and guests milling about. I was actually expecting more but it still turned out okay, nonetheless. I also got lots of freebies, discount cards and flyers/brochures. It was a fun event and being with the boyf made it even more special. *cheesy, i know* It was just sad that I didn’t get to meet any bloggers my age. Oh well, maybe next time? :)

Around 4pm we decided to leave and since we didn’t want to be stuck during rush hour we decided to eat somewhere near our place and we chose Lola Ote in Sct. Esguerra near ABS-CBN. I’ve read a lot of positive comments about their BBQs & Isaws so we both agreed to try there.







Thank goodness, we decided to eat here. Their bbq and isaws taste great! Very delish at a very affordable price. Will surely eat here next time! Want to try their Liempo, sisig and chicharon Bulaklak. *pampasakit ng batok* HAHA! & yes, their idea to hang the isaw/bbq was really clever. Galing.


The only decent photo of us together. Both looking worn out because of the scorching heat.

All in all, it was definitely a (Sun)day well spent with my other half <3

Always Hungry

Food is everything.

It has been over three months since I blogged about something and now, I’m back but on WordPress. My Tumblr blogs are still up but I won’t be posting that much over there. I will still continue to like posts and be updated every now and then though. So what keeps me from blogging? Work and life.

I’ve been really lazy and tired and hungry as ever. Asis and I have been eating and spending way too much money on food. In my 3 month stay in the company (contract’s about to end), I haven’t gotten the chance to save. Zero, na-da. However, I’m trying my hardest to control myself and to stop my urges. I, or should I say him, mostly, just couldn’t stop craving this or that. It is crazy! We have been eating a lot but never had the chance or found the time to exercise which I know is very unhealthy. Hopefully, soon, we’ll get to lose weight. Goodbye toxic and fats!! What’s funny is that although my boyfriend and I have complete opposite taste in almost everything when it comes to food, we still love to foodsplore together. Food that are right on our budget, mind you. Despite the differences, I really do love my food buddy. Opposites do attract, eh? ♡

Anyway, life has been like a routine, redundant but nonetheless, good. There are lots of ups and downs. Problems arise. I got rid of those friends who turned into douchebags. I got rid of dramas and negativity. Sometimes I get sad about everything all at once and wallow myself in self pity which I guess for me is okay and normal as long as you don’t dwell on it for too long. As much as possible I try to stay on the brighter and positive side of life though it is hard, I still try. Nobody wants to sulk and be sad all the time, right? So why fret when I have God beside me. Positivity is the key, folks.

Everything is inevitable but all is well despite life’s challenges.

Life is about to change once again, but I trust you, Lord. Your plans, not mine.

Oh geez, I missed blogging. Okay, got to go and eat. Haha! Jk. Stop eating, April. Will now catch up on the latest ep of HTGAWM Season 2 & TVD Season 7 and I can’t wait for the next episode of Quantico this Sunday! Ugh. All these good series. SO HOOKED! How are you doing guize? Stay safe and dry.