Went to Los Baños Laguna yesterday. It was an unplanned trip. Well, it’s usually the unplanned trips that always pushes through compared to the planned ones. Anyhoo, arrived at the private resort or pool, whatever, around 17/18ish o’clock. We were supposed to go to Matabungkay Resort in Batangas but due to this and that, we just rented instead. So yea, we swam, grilled, ate, karaoke-d, played billiards, ate, ate and we also, drank and finished a litre of brandy.

We also went to Tagaytay around 5-ish this morning. Heck, it was so cold when we arrived at Tagaytay Highland and I swear, it was so awesome that we can almost touch the clouds! Then we went to Picnic Grove to stroll around and to take photos. And our last stop, Bulaluhan. So yep, how was your day? Have fun on your New Year’s eve and stay safe! Ohgahd, I can’t freaking wait for 2014. Hope it turns out to be a much better year. :]

Btw, the clothes that I’m wearing in the photos were also the same clothes I wore last year. Ha-ha. And all photos are taken using my baybeh, itouch. <3


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