• Went to try Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Cafe near Tomas Morato with kristina-kay, my sis, francis’ friend and him. We played a total of 7 different board/card games. ‘Twas really fun. The staff are really friendly and accommodating and even the owner helped us out with the instructions and rules of one the boardgames we played. The quantity of games, the service, and the place are all impressive. Two thumbs up! Yay! {5.9}
  • Bonding moment with my cousin and my aunt and their german friends who are here on vacay in the PH.
  • Mondate with my clingy girlfriends (kristina-kay, anavictorino and mitch) at Wangfu and then went to Ana’s studio to chill, to take lotsa photos, eat, and ofcourse, magchikahan! {5.12}
  • A day getaway with anavictorino and kristina-kay! San Juan, Batangas (White cove + Virgin Beach Resort) // Tagaytay (Picnic Grove + Sky Ranch) // Nuvali (Republ1c wakepark) // Roadtrip! ♡ {5.14} 

All photos were taken using my Itouch 5. Going to make another blog post about our day getaway tomo or later. Kbye! xx


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