January 10-11, 2015
Real, Quezon

This was a sudden and unplanned trip with my bro and his 2 other guy friends. I was at work when my bro text-ed me (around 2am) if I wanted to go skim boarding with them in Quezon and since I’m always up for an adventure, I instantly said yes. The only problem was that my shift ends at 6am. But it was no problemo, they waited for me for a couple hours and when I finally got home, I took all the clothes, cameras, chargers, and whatnot I could lay my hands on.

We arrived at D’ Aplaya Surf Camp & Beach Resort around 1pm. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the very sight of the sea welcomed us as we roamed around the resort and it was just so soothing. It was really nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. My brother and I really needed this getaway. So yes, the resort was nice and their rates were reasonably okay. The sad part was that the weather was bad. It was raining the whole night and it was awfully cold and the sun barely showed up that day but the good part though was that we were the only guests, so we pretty much owned the whole place.

My brother and I tried skim boarding and it was hard! You need to learn how to properly throw the board on the sand and yes, you have some running, jumping on the board, and balancing to do. Well yes, I gave up after a few tries. Ha-ha!

We went to Balagbag falls (with 2 drops) near the resort the next day. It was our last stop before we headed back to Manila. It’s only a short hike away from the jump off point to the falls. I was planning on jumping off the falls but the ice cold water stopped me or maybe I was just too afraid to take risks. Oh well. It was not a perfect trip but the views made up for it. Thumbs up for my first getaway this year 2015. Yay. :)


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