December 2014 and life back then

Life mostly consisted of spending way too much money in expensive coffee shops and going here & there with my fam bam. Nothing special happened. Christmas and New Year came and went by like a blur. Everything felt different but I still tried to enjoy my days off work.

It was a tough year. A lot happened and it all happened so fast I didn’t expect it. I lost weight. I’ve been stressed and depressed which causes my Psoriasis to flare up. All these ups and downs. The pain and suffering I had to go through. Yes, there were happy moments, lots of them, but the pain was just too much. It is sometimes scary and terrifying to have too much happiness, because you’ll never know how long does it last. I’m still grateful though to have those people who were there for me in my times of need and I know God wouldn’t give me anything I can’t handle. I’m stronger than I think. Gotta be an Optimist Prime and not a Negatron. Still blessed.

12/13 Team Griffin and Team Siren Christmas Party
12/20 Rakrakan!
12/21 Mini Trupa Christmas Celebration