Graduation Day

I finally graduated college! Yay!!! Kudos to me. This is it. This is not the end though, it is just another page turned, a new chapter. So say hello to new beginnings, new experiences. It’s time for me to face the real world. No more “pabanging-banging”, no more “pasarap ng buhay” momentsIt is time to be serious now. Time to find a job and build a better career for me. I know I’ve got a lot to learn (such as securing my financial future) and it is still a long way to go but I guess, I’m quite ready now for the working world? (Ha-ha. Yes, still not sure about that but will try my best tho.) So this is really it. I can do this. You can do it, April. Aja! // Graduation at STI Global // Burgoo & Seafood Island {5.20}

  • Graduation Pictorial {4.30}
  • Baccalaureate mass & Graduation ball {5.16}